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Who We Are

HBM is a hip team of creative designers and skilled developers, and we’ve been making awesome websites and apps since 2016.  
As we moved down this path, we dreamt of a world where creating websites and apps is easy, affordable, and incredibly speedy! That’s why we created the Hamburger Menu, a DIY no-code website and app-builder that anyone can use. 

What We Do

Our purpose is to empower e-commerce business owners to bring their online stores to life and get closer to their customers without writing a single line of code. And what’s closer to your customers than in their pockets?

Simply put, we’re all about accessibility and empowerment. Our simple yet powerful website and app builder lets you create an online store that reflects your unique brand and style. We aspire to become the best website and app builder.

Hamburger Menu?

Yep! We’re named after the hamburger menu, the go-to menu icon for mobile apps. This simple 3-line button has everything you need, but it stands on the sidelines to allow you to focus on what matters most. 
Much like us!
Our Hamburger Menu team works behind the scenes to empower YOU to start making the websites and apps you envision and focus entirely on growing your retail business. 

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